TITANIUM EUROPE 2016 Aerospace Panel To Examine Economic & Supply Chain Issues

TITANIUM EUROPE 2016 Aerospace Panel To Examine Economic & Supply Chain Issues 

The fourth annual TITANIUM EUROPE conference and exposition will be held 18th – 20th April at the Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel and Conference Center in Paris, France. Produced and organized by the International Titanium Association (ITA), the conference will provide a platform to gain insights into the European titanium industry and will serve as a premier networking venue.

Expert speakers and industry executives will share outlooks on world supply and demand, illuminate developments on the ever-lengthening global supply chain, clarify near-term business trends, report on the dynamics of the titanium industry in developing new industrial markets, and identify the development of innovative products and emerging manufacturing technologies.

Members of the Development of Commercial Aerospace and Economic Impact panel will include Charles Armitage, a business analyst with UBS, London, who will present a paper titled “Balancing Growth, Risk and Profit to Optimize Valuation.” He is the head of the UBS European Aerospace and Defense Equity Research, which serves private, institutional and corporate clients worldwide, as well as retail clients in Switzerland.

Armitage is a Rolls-Royce-trained engineer, and his key areas of expertise are enterprise valuation, financial forecasting, sector dynamics, and sensitivity and scenario analysis. Before joining UBS, Armitage was a London-based member of the Charles River Associates’ Aerospace and Defense Practice. Prior to joining Charles River Associates, he was a senior director with Merrill Lynch and head of the European Aerospace and Defense equity research team. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Bristol Marlborough Colleges.

Bill Bihlman, president, Aerolytics LLC, South Bend, IN, will address “Key Considerations Beyond Supply Chain Readiness.” Bihlman’s presentation will note that the use of titanium in commercial aerospace has increased substantially over the past several years. In recent years, composite wide-body aircraft from Airbus and Boeing have utilized substantially more titanium content compared with previous generations of jets. This growth, along with announced production rate increases, has placed the near-term focus on the performance of the supply chain to meet backlog commitments. Bihlman, in his talk, will examine the key considerations beyond supply-chain readiness and will focus on the medium-term issues that are expected to drive design and certification, and ultimately impact material selection. In addition, he will address questions such as the likelihood of material substitution and the anticipated impact of additive manufacturing.

Two years ago, at TITANIUM USA, Mr. Bihlman delivered a talk titled “Titanium Supply Chain Trends for the Aerospace Industry.” In that presentation, he estimated the titanium supply chain or “value chain” for the global aerospace industry represented an annual output volume of 130 million pounds of titanium. He said that aerospace titanium accounts for 40 percent of the total titanium market and represents 12 percent of all aeromaterial demand.


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